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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Presynaptic Active Zone Plasticity Encodes Sleep Need in DrosophilaHuang S, Piao C, Beuschel CB, Götz T, Sigrist SJCurrent Biology2020
Recurrent architecture for adaptive regulation of learning in the insect brain(Open Access) Eschbach C, Fushiki A, (...), Zlatic MNature Neuroscience2020
The Unc13A isoform is important for phasic release and olfactory memory formation at mushroom body synapses.Woitkuhn J, Ender A, (...), Sigrist SJJournal of Neurogenetics2020
Stochastic and Arbitrarily Generated Input Patterns to the Mushroom Bodies Can Serve as Conditioned Stimuli in Drosophila(Open Access) Warth Pérez Arias CC, Frosch P, Fiala A, Riemensperger TDFrontiers in Physiology2020
Visualization of a Distributed Synaptic Memory Code in the Drosophila BrainBilz F, Geurten BRH, Hancock CE, Widmann A, Fiala ANeuron2020
Circuit and Cellular Mechanisms Facilitate the Transformation from Dense to Sparse Coding in the Insect Olfactory System(Open Access) Betkiewicz R, Lindner B, Nawrot MPeNeuro2020
Identification of Dopaminergic Neurons That Can Both Establish Associative Memory and Acutely Terminate Its Behavioral ExpressionSchleyer M, Weiglein A, (...), Gerber BThe Journal of Neuroscience2020
Valence and State-Dependent Population Coding in Dopaminergic Neurons in the Fly Mushroom Body(Open Access) Siju K, Štih V, Aimon S, Gjorgjieva J, Portugues R, Grunwald Kadow ICCurrent Biology2020
Aversive teaching signals from individual dopamine neurons in larval Drosophila show qualitative differences in their temporal 'fingerprint'Weiglein A, Thoener J, (...), Gerber BJournal of Comparative Neurology2020
Immune Receptor Signaling and the Mushroom Body Mediate Post-ingestion Pathogen Avoidance(Open Access) Kobler JM, Rodriguez Jimenez FJ, Petcu I, Grunwald Kadow ICCurrent Biology2020