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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
A brain-wide form of presynaptic active zone plasticity orchestrates resilience to brain aging in Drosophila(Open Access) Huang S, Piao C, Beuschel CB, Zhao Z, Sigrist SJPLOS Biology2022
Postsynaptic plasticity of cholinergic synapses underlies the induction and expression of appetitive and familiarity memories in Drosophila(Open Access) Pribbenow C, Chen Y, (...), Owald DElife2022
Age-related decrease in appetitive associative memory in fruit fliesKönig C, Gerber BJ Exp Biol2022
Prediction error drives associative olfactory learning and conditioned behavior in a spiking model of<i>Drosophila larva</i>(Open Access) Jürgensen A, Sakagiannis P, Schleyer M, Gerber B, Nawrot MPbioRxiv2022
The mushroom body output encodes behavioral decision during sensory-motor transformation(Open Access) Arican C, Johannes Schmitt F, Rössler W, Strube-Bloss MF, Nawrot MPbioRxiv2022
A mechanistic model for reward prediction and extinction learning in the fruit flySpringer M, Nawrot MPeNeuro2021
A quick and versatile protocol for the 3D visualization of transgene expression across the whole body of larval Drosophila(Open Access) Kobler O, Weiglein A, Hartung K, Chen Y, Gerber B, Thomas UbioRxiv2021
Single neuron activity predicts behavioral performance of individual animals during memory retention(Open Access) Strube-Bloss MF, D’Albis T, Menzel R, Nawrot MPbioRxiv2021
Rapid Ca2+ channel accumulation contributes to cAMP-mediated increase in transmission at hippocampal mossy fiber synapsesFukaya R, Maglione M, Sigrist SJ, Sakaba TProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences2021
Preparing Adult Drosophila melanogaster for Whole Brain Imaging during Behavior and Stimuli Responses(Open Access) Woller A, Bandow P, Aimon S, Grunwald Kadow ICJournal of Visualized Experiments2021