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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
A mechanistic model for reward prediction and extinction learning in the fruit fly(Open Access) Springer M, Nawrot MPbioRxiv2020
Numerical Cognition Based on Precise Counting with a Single Spiking Neuron(Open Access) Rapp H, Nawrot MP, Stern MiScience2020
A Plausible Mechanism for Drosophila Larva Intermittent BehaviorSakagiannis P., Aguilera M., Nawrot MP.Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems. Living Machines2020
One-trial learning in larval DrosophilaWeiglein A, Gerstner F, Mancini N, Schleyer M, Gerber BLearning & Memory2019
Autophagy within the mushroom body protects from synapse aging in a non-cell autonomous manner(Open Access) Bhukel A, Beuschel CB, (...), Sigrist SJNature Communications2019
Numerical cognition based on precise counting with a single spiking neuron(Open Access) Rapp H, Nawrot MP, Stern MbioRxiv2019
Neuronal processing of amino acids in Drosophila: from taste sensing to behavioural regulationToshima N, Schleyer MCurrent Opinion in Insect Science2019
Timing-dependent valence reversal: a principle of reinforcement processing and its possible implications(Open Access) Gerber B, König C, (...), Yarali ACurrent Opinion in Behavioral Sciences2019
An optogenetic analogue of second-order reinforcement in Drosophila(Open Access) König C, Khalili A, Niewalda T, Gao S, Gerber BBiology Letters2019
Visualization of a Distributed Synaptic Memory Code in the Drosophila Brain(Open Access) Bilz F, Geurten BRH, Fiala ASSRN Electronic Journal2019