Drosophila stocks available at FOR 2705 laboratories

Genotype Genetic Description Short description Flybase ID Stock Chromosome
y[1] w[*]; P{w[+mC]=Act5C-GAL4}25FO1/CyO, y[+] actin-GAL4 Expresses GAL4 ubiquitously under control of Act5C promoter (P{AyGAL4} with the y[+] FRT cassette flipped out). FBst0004414 GRUNWALD-KADOW 2
y[1] sc[*] v[1] sev[21]; P{y[+t7.7] v[+t1.8]=TRiP.HMC05031}attP40 UAS-PGRP-LE (RNAi) Expresses dsRNA for RNAi of PGRP-LE (FBgn0030695) under UAS control in the VALIUM20 vector. FBst0060038 GRUNWALD-KADOW 2
y[1] sc[*] v[1] sev[21]; P{y[+t7.7] v[+t1.8]=TRiP.HMS00259}attP2 UAS-PGRP-LC (RNAi) Expresses dsRNA for RNAi of PGRP-LC (FBgn0035976) under UAS control in the VALIUM20 vector. FBst0033383 GRUNWALD-KADOW 3
w[1118] (isogenized) DrosDel GRUNWALD-KADOW
Rel[E20] (isogenized) DrosDel GRUNWALD-KADOW
y[1] w[67c23] PGRP-LE[112] PGRP-LE[112] FBst0033055 GRUNWALD-KADOW
w[*]; P{w[+mC]=XP-U}PGRP-LC[DeltaE] PGRP-LC[DeltaE] Deletion of an 8.7 kb region including the entire PGRP-LC coding region from FRT-based recombination between P{XP}d00693 and P{XP}d04396. FBst0055713 GRUNWALD-KADOW
Dredd[B118] FBst0055712 GRUNWALD-KADOW
w[*]; TI{w[+mW.hs]=TI}Orco[1] Orco[1] Or83b gene replaced by w[+] by ends out gene targeting, L.V. FBst0023129 GRUNWALD-KADOW
w[*]; P{w[+mC]=UAS-shi[ts1].K}3 UAS-shi[ts1] Expresses temperature-sensitive shi protein under UAS control for inhibiting synaptic transmission. FBst0044222 GRUNWALD-KADOW 3
Oregon-R FBsn0000276 GRUNWALD-KADOW
Canton-S FBst0064349 GRUNWALD-KADOW
w[1118]; PBac{y[+mDint2] w[+mC]=20XUAS-GCaMP3}VK00005 20XUAS-GCaMP3 Expresses the fluorescent calcium reporter protein, GCaMP3, under control of 20 UAS sequences. FBst0032237 FIALA 3
w[*]; P{w[+mC]=GAL4-5-HTR1B.Y}3 5-HT1B-Gal4 Expresses GAL4 in the pattern of the Serotonin receptor 1B. FBst0027637 FIALA 3
y[1] w[*]; PBac{y[+mDint2] w[+mC]=20XUAS-6XmCherry-HA}VK00018/CyO, P{Wee-P.ph0}Bacc[Wee-P20]; Dr[1]/TM6C, Sb[1] Tb[1] 20XUAS-6XmCherry Protein trap resulting in expression of GFP-tagged Bacc. GFP is nuclearly-localized in many cell types. Expresses a HA-tagged peptide of six mCherry repeats under UAS control. FBst0052267 FIALA 2
y1 w*;MB247:mCherry-CAAX, UAS-mIFP-T2A-HO1 MB247:mCherry-CAAX, UAS-mIFP-T2A-HO1 GERBER
w1118; MB247:mCherry-CAAX MB247:mCherry-CAAX GERBER
SS01671-Gal4 AD: R21D02 / DBD: R55D08 GERBER
w[1118]; PBac{681.P.FSVS-1}PMCA[CPTI001995] PBac{681.P.FSVS-1}PMCA[CPTI001995] FBst0325248 GERBER 4