Drosophila stocks available at FOR 2705 laboratories

Genotype Genetic Description Short description Flybase ID Stock Chromosome
y[1] v[1]; P{y[+t7.7] v[+t1.8]=TRiP.JF02750}attP2 UAS-nAChRalpha3 (RNAi) Expresses dsRNA for RNAi of nAChRalpha3 (FBgn0015519) under UAS control in the VALIUM10 vector. FBst0027671 OWALD 3
y[1] v[1]; P{y[+t7.7] v[+t1.8]=TRiP.JF03103}attP2 UAS-nAChRalpha1 (RNAi) Expresses dsRNA for RNAi of nAChRalpha1 (FBgn0000036) under UAS control in the VALIUM10 vector. FBst0028688 OWALD 3
w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=GMR58E02-lexA}attP40 R58E02-LexA Expresses lexA under the control of DNA sequences in or near DAT. FBst0052740 OWALD 2
P{VT001211-GAL4} VT1211-GAL4 Drives expression in VGlut positive mushroom body medial lobe arborizing neuron 4 and mushroom body medial lobe arborizing neuron 6. FBst0482612 OWALD 3
OK107-Gal4 OWALD 3
w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=R13F02-GAL4.DBD}attP2 R13F02-Gal4 Expresses the DNA binding domain of GAL4 under control of sequences in/near dnc. FBst0069908 OWALD 3
MB027B-Split-Gal4 AD: R24H08 / DBD: R53F03 OWALD
MB461B-Split-Gal4 AD: R35B12 / DBD: R28H10 OWALD
MB112C-Split-Gal4 AD: R93D10 / DBD: R13F04 OWALD
MB011B-Split-Gal4 AD: R14C08 / DBD: R15B01 OWALD
UAS-FRT-CD2(Stop)-FRT-mCherry-dTRPA1/CyO Generated in Vasmer et al., 2014 FIALA
y[1] w[1118]; P{w[+mW.hs]=GawB}GH146 FBst0030026 FIALA 2
P{ry[+t7.2]=hsp70-FLP}1, y[1] w[*]; M{RFP[3xP3.PB] GFP[E.3xP3]=vas-int.B}ZH-102D FBst0023649 FIALA 1
w[*]; P{w[+mC]=LexAop-CD8-GFP-2A-CD8-GFP}2; P{w[+mC]=UAS-mLexA-VP16-NFAT}H2, P{w[+mC]=lexAop-rCD2-GFP}3/TM6B, Tb[1] FBst0066542 SIGRIST 3
w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=10XUAS-IVS-mCD8::GFP}su(Hw)attP5 FBst0032188 SIGRIST 2
Dmel\Nmdar1N631Q.UAS UASt regulatory sequences drive expression of a mutated form of Nmdar1, which contains the amino acid replacement N631Q. FBal0284429 SIGRIST
w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=GMR23E10-GAL4}attP2 FBst0049032 SIGRIST 3
w[*]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=UAS-TrpA1(B).K}attP2/TM6B, Tb[1] FBst0026264 SIGRIST 3
w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=GMR69F08-GAL4}attP2 FBst0039499 SIGRIST 3
w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=GMR58H05-GAL4}attP2 FBst0039198 SIGRIST 3