Drosophila stocks available at FOR 2705 laboratories

Genotype Genetic Description Short description Flybase ID Stock Chromosome
y[1] w[*]; wg[Sp-1]/CyO, P{Wee-P.ph0}Bacc[Wee-P20]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=20XUAS-6XmCherry-HA}attP2 FBst0052268 FIALA 1, 2, 3
w[1118]; +; P{UAS-brp.S-EGFP} FIALA 1, 3
P{ry[+t7.2]=hsFLP}1, P{w[+mC]=tubP-GAL80}LL1 w[*] P{ry[+t7.2]=neoFRT}19A hsFLP,tub-Gal80,neoFRT19A Expresses FLP recombinase upon heat shock. Carries FRT site. Expresses GAL80 'ubiquitously' under the control of the alphaTub84B promoter. FBst0005132 FIALA 1
y[1] w[1118] P{ry[+t7.2]=neoFRT}19A neoFRT19A Carries FRT site. FBst0001744 FIALA 1
FM7a/FM7a (CS) FM7a/FM7a balancer, 1st, cantonized, backrossed by P. Singh 1