Drosophila stocks available at FOR 2705 laboratories

Genotype Genetic Description Short description Flybase ID Stock Chromosome
MB143b-Split-GAL4 AD: 15B01 / DBD: 32F01 GERBER
MB145b-Split-GAL4 AD: 15B01 / DBD: 72B05 GERBER
SS01726-Split-GAL4 AD: 20C05 / DBD: 14C08 GERBER
SS02160-Split-GAL4 AD: 52C06 / DBD: 53C05 GERBER
SS02163-Split-GAL4 AD: 52H01 / DBD: 40F09 GERBER
SS00883-Split-GAL4 AD: 71A10 / DBD: 91E03 GERBER
SS02180-Split-GAL4 AD: 76F05 / DBD: 129C09 GERBER
MB054b-Split-GAL4 AD: 76F05 / DBD: 15B01 GERBER
SS02181-Split-GAL4 AD: 78G04 / DBD: 119C11 GERBER
SS01778-Split-GAL4 AD: 78G04 / DBD: 22E12 GERBER
MB328b-Split-GAL4 AD: 82C10 / DBD: 32F01 GERBER
MB320C-Split-Gal4 AD: ple / DBD: R22B12 GERBER
MB011B-Split-Gal4 AD: R14C08 / DBD: R15B01 OWALD
SS01671-Gal4 AD: R21D02 / DBD: R55D08 GERBER
MB027B-Split-Gal4 AD: R24H08 / DBD: R53F03 OWALD
MB461B-Split-Gal4 AD: R35B12 / DBD: R28H10 OWALD
MB112C-Split-Gal4 AD: R93D10 / DBD: R13F04 OWALD
P{w[+m*]=Appl-GAL4.G1a}1, y[1] w[*] Appl-GAL4 Expresses GAL4 in the larval nervous system under the control of APPL. FBst0032040 SIGRIST 1
w[*] P{w[+mC]=PTT-GC}dlg1[YC0005] dlg1 FBst0050859 GERBER 1
P{ry[+t7.2]=lArB}rut[2080]; P{w[+mC]=UAS-rut.Z}2 Ecol\lacZ -rut; UAS-rut Expresses wild type rut under UAS control. Expresses lacZ in the brain with highest levels in the mushrooms bodies. Insertion causes rut mutation. FBst0009405 TAVOSANIS 1, 2